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Komfort lässt sich zwischen Schönheit und Eleganz finden.
Lassen Sie uns Ihnen den Weg zu Ihrem persönlichen Komfort zeigen.
Unser Team erwartet Sie!

Dauerhaftes Make-Up

Sehen Sie so gut aus, wie Sie sich fühlen und übertragen
Sie Ihr inneres Leuchten auf Ihre Aussenwelt. Vertrauen Sie uns und
lassen Sie uns Teil der schöneren Zeit Ihres Lebens sein.

About Us

The Grace Aesthetic Team offers professional, unique treatment with the passion each of our customers deserves. Our services, which range from simple and direct skin care to advanced surgical treatments, are delivered by internationally experienced staff. Browse through our services, and reserve your personal appointment:
  • Dermatology
  • PRP Vampire Lifting
  • Threadfifitng
  • Hyaluron
  • Plasma Pen
  • Botox
  • Injection Lipolysis
  • Slimyonik

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Skin Analysis            20 min     CHF 89

Injection Lipolysis

Chin                                           30 min  CHF 250
Upper and Lower Stomach   30 min  CHF 390
Upper and Lower Stomach   45 min  CHF 690
Waist                                         30 min CHF 390
Thigh                                         45 min  CHF 490

Plasma Pen

Eyelid               40 min     CHF 390
Crow Feet        40 min      CHF 390
Neck                  60 min    CHF 690
Stomach            60 min    CHF 690


Both Armpits                           30 min  CHF 790
Crow Feet (Eyes)                     30 min  CHF 220
Frown                                         30 min  CHF 220
Masseter (Chewing Muscle)  30 min  CHF 420
Gummy Smile                           30 min  CHF 420
Migrane                                     30 min  CHF 720
Forehead and Frown Line     30 min  CHF 420
Forehead, Frown and Crow Feet 40 min CHF 620

PRP Vampire Lifting

Face                        45 min CHF 520
Neck & Chest        45 min  CHF 520
Hair                        45 min  CHF 520


Threadlifting      60 min CHF 1300


Please provide your appointment and contact details below. We are focused on giving you our utmost attention, and providing the full experience that Grace Aesthetic has to offer within the time slot reserved for you – please arrive on time. For further questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.